Mide tu nivel de inglés. Responde a las 50 preguntas de nuestro test de nivel y comprueba cuál es tu curso y cuáles son tus objetivos.


The Test has 50 questions, each worth one point. The first 40 are grammar questions and the final 10 are vocabulary questions. To decide your level, use the conversion chart below. Please note that these bandings are a guide

1) He _______________ from Turkey

2) This is my friend. _________name is Mary

3) Peter is ________________

4) My friend is ___________ actor

5) _____________ two windows in the classroom

6) John ______________ reading

7) Don’t distract her. She ___________right now

8) He __________at university yesterday

9) I ____________the horror film last night

10) ___________________ a cup of coffee?

11) The dining room is ____________than the bedroom

12) Our computer is very old. We’re going ______________ a new computer soon

13) Mark is a vegetarian. He ____________________ meat

14) There isn’t ________________ sugar in the cupboard

15) The library is _________________ to the museum

16) Sarah ________________ swimming every day

17) They _________________ lunch when I saw them

18) ________________ visited Athens?

19) We’ve been married ____________________ many years

20) You _________________ pay for the snacks. They’re free

21) Stella was busy last week and she _________________ go out

22) These are the souvenirs ________________ I bought on holiday

23) We’ll stay at home if it _______________ this afternoon

24) She doesn’t eat red meat now, but she __________________ a lot when she was young

25) Eric plays tennis ___________________ anyone else I know

26) I promise I __________________ my room as soon as I’ve finished my homework

27) This play ___________________ by Shakespeare

28) She said that her mom ____________ to speak to her after she failed two subjects

29) What about _________________ to the cinema tomorrow?

30) Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the supermarket, please?

31) I wasn’t interested in the concert very much. ________________

32) Take an umbrella, _______________ it rains

33) Sarah __________________ the car, that’s why her T-shirt is still wet

34) He avoided ________________ about the accident

35) He ________________ for her dog for two days when he finally found it in the garden

36) You won’t lose weight _________________ you stop eating junk food

37) If I hadn’t talked to you at the party, I___________________ here with you now

38) Do you think you _______________ the report by Friday? I need it for the meeting

39) I don’t remember mentioning __________________ lunch together

40) Was it Columbus ______________ America?

41) We’ll have to ______________ the meeting, since the boss is sick

42) She __________________ after her mother, people think they’re sisters!

43) Sue will look ______________ the kids while we’re on holiday

44) She ___________________ a lot of her free time watching TV

45) Hello, this is Mary. Could I ___________________ to Jane, please?

46) They’re coming to our school ___________________ 7th March

47) I think I’m coming ___________ flu

48) She visits her grandparents once in a ________________ moon

49) I phoned her ____________ I heard the news

50) I feel very ____________. I’m going to go to bed!



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